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Machu Picchu Artwork Available- Original paintings/fine art prints

It’s been a while since I have traveled to Peru but I wanted to highlight a selection of my Machu Picchu paintings available. I still have the originals from two separate trips to the ruins as well as fine art prints in various sizes.

Fine art watercolor painting of Incan ruins of Machu Picchu framed by Incan doorway and mountaintop of Huayna Picchu- Sacred Valley, Peru
Fine art watercolor painting of Incan ruins of Machu Picchu- Sacred Valley, Peru. Watercolor paper stretched on canvas bars.

The photographs were all shot when I was a professional photographer. My first visit to the Incan ruins lasted five days. The second time I was there for three. Both times I climbed Huayna Picchu (big mountain) behind the UNESCO World heritage ruins- a slightly terrifying trip since there were little to no guardrails.

One misstep and you’d be monkey food several thousand feet below.

These paintings are a combination of different watercolor techniques- watercolor pouring, mouth atomizing, charging, and more.

The Sacred Valley was amazing- wonderful people, interesting food (guinea pig isn’t too bad and alpaca was quite tasty), and amazing sites- landscape, ruins, and more.

Check out my website to purchase original paintings or fine art prints in various sizes. I personally hand-sign each print/painting and they are securely shipped with tracking and insurance .

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